2022 Update: Where Have We Been?

2022 Update: Where Have We Been?

Hey there, it's been a while! 

I wanted to post up an update since we've been largely radio silent for the past 6 months. Basically, we got bogged down hard. We've learned a lot of hard lessons and have a clearer vision for where we want LOA to be positioned in the future. We bit off more than we could chew back in Black Friday of 2021, taking on a huge number of orders (for us) combined with the sudden immediate need to update all of our existing molds to avoid potential retention issues. Perfect timing, I know.

There have been a ton of changes both in product development as well as company structure and strategy. As of Q4 2021, all of our holsters and mag carriers are 100% CAD-designed and CNC-cut. This helps us not only with ensuring machine precision, but also consistent results and a lot less room for error. Our tolerances are tighter than ever, and our products are built with as many features as we can stuff into them. Now, all Sentinels are PHLster Enigma compliant, and we've also added the ability to adjust the cant angle and ride height of belt clips. 

Nothing is without its tradeoffs though, and our situation is no exception. We had to discontinue our Sentinel Plus sidecar-style holster. We just couldn't keep up with demand with our current operations plan, and we couldn't confidently make the same improvements to it that we did with our Sentinel and Raider. We do plan on eventually re-introducing the Sentinel Plus, or some better-named iteration of it, in the future when we can get the rest of our plans squared away first. 

As far as plans for the near future for the remainder of 2022, the largest priority is relocating. We simply cannot stay in California any longer. The reasons for any 2A advocate is probably obvious. We take "By shooters, for shooters" seriously. I'm torn, as there are plenty of aspects of California I'll always love. Leaving behind the Sierra Nevada will be difficult, but there are greener pastures ahead. Currently, our plan is to relocate LOA HQ to northern Idaho. 

The last news I have to share is the coming departure of our current chief product engineer and co-founder, Todd. Todd will be leaving in the coming months to pursue a company of his own in the tactical industry and moving his clan to Utah. The departure will be a loss, but it is an amicable departure and we at LOA truly wish him the best. What does this mean for LOA? Well, losing the genius behind these products will frankly suck, but Todd is making sure to leave behind a rightful successor and we can guarantee the quality and care behind LOA's holsters will not change.

We at LOA are excited to see what the rest of 2022 holds for us.

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