Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q; What thickness of Kydex do you use? 

A; We only offer 0.080'' Kydex/Boltaron for our IWB line-up and 0.125'' Kydex for our OWB line of holsters. Our Warden OWB line of holsters are 0.080". We currently offer Boltaron in carbon colors only.

Q; I performed a "shake" test, and my weapon fell out. What do?

A; Nothing. Just kidding - well, sort of. Verify your adjustable retention is set to the point where your weapon won't just fall out of the holster (which it shouldn't), but not stiff enough to where you won't be able to draw, and you're fine. We believe the infamous shake test is a very arbitrary test. If a loaded handgun doesn't eventually fall out of a holster being vigorously shaken, it will be unrealistically hard to draw from that holster. We would also like to formally question what situation in life someone should worry about their weapon popping out of their pants while they're being vigorously shaken upside down. A proper shake test should be administered by holding the holster upside down (with an empty and cleared gun) and gently shaking the holster up and down to verify the retention is set properly. 

Q; I received your light-bearing Sentinel and noticed I can access the trigger with my finger, what gives?

A; Unfortunately, we believe this is another arbitrary standard in our community (hear us out). When performing this test, people jam their finger into the trigger well area in their holster when their holster is just sitting on their table, not under any pressure. That pressure is what happens when you wear your IWB holster, well... IWB. This gap where you can jam your finger exists on ALL light-bearing holsters due to the channel where the light needs to fit to be able to properly draw and re-insert your pistol light. This is a byproduct of a light-bearing holster. Perform this same test with the holster being carried appendix like it's designed, and you won't have as much of an issue. Also, we would like to use this as an opportunity to preach consistent dry fire practice on drawing and re-indexing your gun, as well as situational awareness, as the vast majority of these incidents happen due to operator error while re-indexing their gun and not noticing if an undershirt, drawstring, etc., falls inside the holster and actuates the trigger. Your finger shouldn't be the safety problem if you're drawing correctly. Always be aware of what you're doing and understand and negate the inherent risks of concealed carry.

Q; Do you sell firearms?

A; No, we're not that cool.

Q; Do you sell leather holsters?

A; Nope, we don't do the Fudd stuff (but we still love you).

Q; Do you guys do custom holster work?

A; No, we do not. The reason for this is because the additional labor costs alone would drive the price for that holster well above $200. We will however consider adding to our line-up of offered holsters when we see a high enough demand, or for a gun/light we feel would be an excellent carry option that we don't currently offer. Feel free to reach out to us so we can evaluate the requests we receive. If no one lets us know, we can't meet those requests. 

Q; I am somewhat skinny, does this product conceal well?

A; Since every person's body type is different, it is hard to determine. While we have designed our product to tuck and conceal as best as possible, most people find it to conceal very well. That being said, along with body type the dimensions of your weapon also affect concealability. At the end of the day, the grip of a full-size (G17) or competition-length (G34) gun is going to stick out more than a compact (G19) version. Slight printing in daily life typically goes unnoticed anyways, as most people aren't trained protective details looking specifically for that.

Q; Are your holsters comfortable?

A; From 6-packs to 30-packs, fit bods to dad bods, and all walks of life, comfort is still subjective. Everyone's body type is different and the way each individual perceives comfort is different. We're going to be brutally honest here and tell you that there is no "holy grail" of holsters. However, we design our holsters with as much comfort in mind ranging from the way the holster is cut out, to the molded shape, and certain mechanical advantages engineered into our holsters to make them as comfortable as possible while maintaining proper concealment. 

Q; I have a holster that was press formed and doesn't hold the gun well what is different about your product?

A; All of our product line for IWB is Vacuum formed from 0.080'' Kydex thermoplastic giving it superior definition and fit compared to the press method. All holsters are also now 100% CNC-cut for consistency. With added adjustable retention with the turn of a screw, you can dial your retention in to fit your needs. 

Q; Does it draw well?

A; Using adjustable retention, one can "dial" in the holster, giving the end user the ability to draw to their preference.

Q; Are your holsters made in USA?

A; Of course! We source all components and materials from the USA to the best of our abilities and pride ourselves with keeping our products built here in the states. Veteran owned, operated, and Made In USA, we don't plan on changing that.

Q; How should I clean my holster?

A; Usually any dish soap like Dawn or light to medium strength dish detergent is more than acceptable. We like to use Dawn with a nylon bristle brush or sponge and rinse. Make sure to thoroughly dry off the holster afterwards. Be sure to remove all hardware prior to washing your holster.

Q; Can I leave my holster inside of my car?

A; Preferably not. Unless your car can stay reasonably cool, say under 150 degrees or so we don't recommend it at all. Never leave it in direct sunlight in the car either. Kydex is a thermoplastic polymer and even though its molding temperature is close to 400 degrees, lower temperatures around 150 + can still deform it. So be cautious of heat. Also, your car is not a safe, so... yeah.