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Sentinel IWB Holster

Sentinel IWB Holster

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 * All Sentinels ordered will now come standard with dual HLR Mod 4 clips *


The Sentinel stands as our reliable inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster, perfected for appendix carry. It emerged from the frustration of not finding a dependable AIWB holster that included light-bearing, red dot, and threaded barrel features without additional costs. The Sentinel sets the new standard for holsters.

Crafted through vacuum-forming with 0.080" Kydex thermoplastic, the Sentinel ensures both comfort and stability, while CNC-cutting guarantees uniformity. It boasts adjustable retention with two screws, providing users the ability to customize the retention on their firearm. The inclusion of the ModWing promotes enhanced concealment by pressing the firearm closer to the body, complemented by optional tall or short riser inserts.

The Sentinel is designed to be worn with dual belt clips, as well as on the PHLster Enigma platform and NeoMag® Alias system. While running our Sentinel, you have options.


  • Standard ModWing with tall/short riser inserts.
  • Dual Discreet Carry Concepts HLR Mod 4 clips.
  • Optic-cut by default to accommodate most red dots.
  • Beveled opening to assist in re-indexing weapon.
  • Top slots for use with NeoMag® Alias Top Mount clip.
  • Open muzzle end for threaded barrels and most compensators.
  • Improved sight channel for suppressor-height sights up to 0.600" (0.500" for subcompact models).
  • Compatible with the PHLster Enigma platforms. Make sure to use light-bearing Enigmas with light-bearing holsters.
  • Slide release channel for Glock models accepts Kägwerks extended slide releases. 
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Adjustable ride height (belt clip height).
  • Slots for adjusting belt clip height and angle.

Please Read

We recommend selecting the tall shirt guard to aid in re-indexing your weapon.

* Holsters are molded with OEM slides in mind. Support for every aftermarket slide is not guaranteed. 

* Light-compatible holsters will only accept weapons with lights attached.

Subcompact models are cut to the longest length (G26 to G19 length, G43 to G48 length, etc.) due to the Keel Principle to aid in concealment.

* Hellcat manual safety models currently not supported. If running a manual safety model, select a mid-height shirt guard so your holster clears the safety.

* Holsters are made to order. Make sure you understand current lead times and cancellation policy prior to placing your order. *

Check out our color/pattern reference guide here.

Be sure to check out our guide on adjusting your holster here.

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