Receiving Your New Holster

Receiving Your New Holster

You just received your new holster and you're eager to try it out. We get excited just as much as you too but hurry up and WAIT!!!

Before you start, here are a couple tips from the shop:

We recommend that once you receive your new holster, to remove the magazine and clear the chamber from your firearm to first "DRY FIT" as we like to call it, to ensure there are no issues between the firearm and the holster. We test fit each holster before they're shipped out, but it is also your responsibility to check it too. With your weapon cleared, ram it in and out of the holster a few times, go ahead! With the weapon still cleared, make any adjustments to retention and dial it in to your preference. 

We also recommend (due to ammo shortages, AGAIN) to perhaps practice dry firing. If your concerned with "dry firing" damaging your gun then don't do it. You can also practice in a dry condition without racking your slide back. We wont go into too much detail about gun safety in this post since you are responsible for your own actions, however, dry firing is, well....just that... no rounds in the pew machine.  

Perform a few draw strokes from your new holster whilst dialing in retention. Make sure everything works together. Get a feel for it.

Once you're comfy with how it fits, you're good to go!

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